Best Power Bank for iPhone

Best Power Bank for iPhone. Portable power banks and battery chargers that will extend the life of your iPhone. Although they are more expensive, I prefer batteries that include a Lightning connector so that I don’t have to worry about bringing along a charging cord in case I run out of juice.


Best Power Bank for iPhone

But I’ve also included some inexpensive options for people who wish to charge their iPhone using a power pack for as little money as possible. Best Power Bank for iPhone.

1. Mophie PowerStation Plus

The PowerStation Plus from Mophie is a few years old and has been discontinued, so you may get a good price on it — just make sure it’s not a reconditioned unit. It has a fabric finish and a 6,040-mAh battery, as well as an integrated Lightning connection, despite not having rapid charging capabilities. Previously, if you purchased one of the Apple-exclusive models (which are no longer available), you could charge your iPhone and iPad with any Lightning connection instead of Micro USB.

Mophie PowerStation Plus

2. RavPower USB C Power Bank 15,000 mAh

The RavPower 15,000-mAh Power Bank is available for less than $20. This portable battery charger features a USB-C connector that provides 18-watt rapid charging, as well as a USB-A port and an LED that indicates battery power.

RavPower USB C Power Bank 15,000 mAh

3. Anker PowerCore Lite 10,000 mAh

When you use a $2 coupon at checkout, the Anker PowerCore Slim 10,000 mAh costs $16 on Amazon. While it’s a little thicker than some of the other portable chargers in our list, it’s very small for a 10,000-mAh phone charger, and it includes a USB-C input but no USB-C output. There are no cables included.

Anker PowerCore Lite 10,000 mAh

4. Aukey PB-N83 Mini 10,000-mAh USB-C Power Bank

“The smallest and lightest 10,000-mAh portable charger,” according to Aukey’s PB-N83 Mini 10,000-mAh USB-C Power Bank. I’m not sure it’s the tiniest in the world, but it’s certainly smaller than a credit card. It is, however, 1.18 inches (30mm) thick and has substantial weight. It still fits in a pocket and features an 18-watt Power Delivery USB-C connector as well as a Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A port. You may charge the Power Bank and a device at the same time by using the in-out USB-C connector as a pass-through port.

Aukey PB-N83 Mini 10,000-mAh USB-C Power Bank

5. Aukey Wireless Power Bank with 18W PD

Aukey’s Power Bank allows for both wired and wireless charging. You can receive 18 watts of charging if you utilize the USB-C connection. Go wireless by placing your phone on the charging dock battery, which will charge it at 10 watts, which is the current maximum for wireless charging on the iPhone. You’ll pay a premium for this phone charger, but it comes with a large battery (20,000 mAh), a built-in kickstand, and a digital display that shows how much charge is left. It comes with a USB-A to USB-C connection, however, it requires an adaptor to charge.

Aukey Wireless Power Bank with 18W PD

6. Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 Portable Charger

This Anker model is essentially a large wall charger that connects to a power outlet like a power adapter. We tested and loved the older 5,000-mAh model with twin USB-A connections, which costs between $26 and $40 depending on colour. However, the new edition has a USB-C connection and doubles the capacity to 10,000 mAh. This allows you to charge two devices at once, such as your phone and a second connected device (or two phones). A small LED indicator on the side allows you to check the charge level with a single push of a button.

Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 Portable Charger

7. MyCharge HubPlus Turbo 6,700 mAh

The MyCharge HubPlus Turbo is the company’s most recent power bank, including a foldable wall socket and Lightning and USB-C connections. The wall charger is dubbed the Turbo because it has Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0 (USB-C connection), which offer up to 75 percent quicker charging speeds than the normal 5-volt charger included with most iPhones. The battery of this wall charger is 6,700 mAh.

MyCharge HubPlus Turbo 6,700 mAh

8. Nimble Champ

The Champ portable charger by Nimble is made of recyclable plastic. Although going green costs a little more, it’s a good, compact 10,000-mAh charger with PD 4.0 fast-charging (18 watts) through its single USB-C connection. You may also get a 25% discount by using the code CNET25 at checkout.

Nimble Chaamp

9. Atom XS

The Atom XS is available in two sizes: an 800-mAh variant and a 1,300-mAh one. These are roughly the size of an electronic vehicle key and are meant to fit on a keychain. However, be aware that they will not fully charge your phone. The idea is to keep them on hand for charging in case your phone dies and you need a boost of energy for a few hours.

Atom XS

10. iMuto 20,000mAh power bank

The iMuto 20,000mAh portable charger may be right for you if you’re searching for a high-capacity charger that’s also portable. It has a 20,000mAh capacity, which means it can charge the typical smartphone four times and still have some juice left.

The fact that you can see the actual remaining charge, not a rough estimate like some of the rivals, makes the iMuto a bit more helpful than some of the other charging banks on our list, so you know how much longer you can charge your devices. The power bank’s body is a tad bulky and unwieldy, but the screen more than makes up for it.

iMuto 20,000mAh power bank

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