Gadgets to keep car cool in summer

Gadgets to keep car cool in summer. Nothing is more inconvenient than dealing with a hot automobile when it comes to battling the summer heat. And, to be honest, your vehicle’s interior doesn’t have to be scorching hot in the summer. On a bright, 70° day, the inside temperature of your automobile may rise by up to 40° F in one hour. What do you think about a fast bake oven?

Gadgets to keep car cool in summer

But, no matter what time of year it is, the excruciating heat retained in your automobile may be a tremendous misery. You’re blasted with breathtaking heat the moment you open the door, then assaulted by a scorching steering wheel that leaves your hands burned as well as requiring skin grafts, smouldering seat belt buckles that make it almost impossible to click it or ticket, and blazing leather seats that’ll roast your chestnuts. All of this does not make for a pleasant driving experience.

But, thankfully, there are some fairly clever gadgets on the market that will help keep your car cool this summer or another season for that matter. If you want to keep your car cold and battle the heat, stay reading to see some of the best gadgets on the market for converting your car into an ice box!

1. Electric Dash Fans

An electric dashboard fan is an excellent method to swiftly cool off your vehicle. These fans often plug into a 12V cigarette lighter outlet, eliminating the need to worry over dead batteries or finding a means to charge it. You attach them on your dashboard or anywhere you see fit using adhesive pads. The nicest thing about these fans is that, despite their little size, they are really powerful. Some people have even used frozen water bottles to form a makeshift A/C unit behind the fan.

Electric Dash Fans

The EXCOUP 12-Speed Electric Dash Fan is the greatest electric dash fan I’ve discovered (Amazon). They are available in four distinct sizes ranging from 3′′ to 5′′. Depending on the size, some versions have an easy-to-read digital display that indicates the current temperature and relative humidity level. The dual-head fans revolve 360 degrees to provide a stream of cold air regardless of placement, and the 12-speed selection makes adjusting airflow simple.

Multiple Sizes to Choose FromNot All Sizes Have Digital Display
12-Speed3″ Model Battery Operated Only
Powerful Fans 
Easy to Install 

2. Electric Headrest Fan

Headrest fans are ideal for your backseat companions, whether they are children or pets. They attach directly to the headrest of each front seat and can be aimed in any direction, producing a powerful wind of cool air to anybody sitting in its path. These, like the dashboard fan, connect into a 12V cigarette lighter outlet, making it easy to keep up with or recharge batteries.

Electric Headrest Fan

If your backseat passengers need some extra cooling, I strongly recommend the Poraxy Electric Headrest Fan (Amazon). It has two 4′′ fan heads that provide excellent airflow and can be angled to face either direction in the rear seat. It also features a built-in regulator that allows you to control the quantity of air it emits. Not to mention its simple to install and mounts firmly to any headrest.

Quick & Easy InstallOnly 2 Speed Levels
Mounts Securely to Any HeadrestComplaints of Fans Not Staying in Position
Powerful Fans 


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