iKam For Windows PC Free Download 2022

iKam For Windows PC

iKam For Windows PC Free Download. An application called iKam For Windows helps us view CCTV cameras from a distance. We will tell you everything there is to know about this CMS Wizard right here, in this article. Additionally, it explains how it will benefit our security and monitoring.
We have covered every aspect of this CMS wizard in this section. For Android OS and Windows OS, it is incredibly useful. We may use it to help us screen any device from a distance.
This application is provided in a small file format. It needs to be decompressed before being installed on a computer.


iKam For Windows PC Free Download

Everything concerning this installation part has been covered here. It is described in detail here. You should carefully read it thoroughly. iKam is an app with intelligent programming that enables us to view several areas from a single location. iKam For Windows PC 7/8/10 and MAC

iKam For Windows PC

What is a CMS Wizard?

A wizard called the CMS is used to check cameras on PCs. The CMS is responsible for it (CMS). A CMS can perform a variety of tasks. In a compressed document, it can list, record, save, edit, and document information. Assume you are the owner and you have 6 plants spread over 6 distinct sites. Each production line includes 16 cameras. It suggests that there are 96 cameras altogether throughout the 6 production lines. These cameras must be monitored from your workplace. It suggests that just one screen can be used to view all 96 cameras. This CMS Application needs to make it possible. More than 256 cameras can be displayed simultaneously by a CMS.

What is iKam?

A server firm created and promoted this software. It is a Turkish organization that specializes in software production, designing, and development. This CMS is provided in the form of pressed link buttons. You need to un-squeeze it before loading it and installing it. The entire installation procedure for this application is provided. There are three distinct ways to do it. We have demonstrated how to install the software in the first stage. We have instructed you to log into the Wizard in the next step. We have demonstrated how to add tools and observational cameras in the third stage.

iKam Advantages

This software possesses a number of elite qualities. Here, a few noteworthy highlights have been provided. It is crucial to understand these traits and abilities.
When we are conscious of these qualities and traits. The essential highlights of it are as follows.

  • The program provides live views with ongoing transmission.
  • The activity doesn’t lag in time. It delivers data transfer that is seamless in the form of images and videos.
  • Movement happens instantly, and the program plays the video.
  • Its resolution quality is astounding. The images provided by this program have sharp quality. It presents distinct visuals.
  • The program retains two-way audio.
  • Two-way audio aids in communicating with the person using the gadget.
  • Additionally helpful in scaring away suspects and intrusions from the camera side is the two-way sound. The owner has the authority to yell at them and sound the alarm.
  • “Sensors” technology is supported by the app. These sensors behave much like the human brain.
  • They have the ability to hear and see motion.
  • It delivers message pop-ups to the client whenever it detects any ominous motion or sound. It forbids you from taking a questionable activity.
  • Pre-set sensitive locations can be created to keep intruders out of that area.
  • The application informs you by sounding alarms and pushing messages whenever the gatecrasher approaches specific zones.
  • It will give you unquestionable security, safeguard recordings, assist you in exhibiting playbacks, and require extra time from you.
  • You can use this program to access the device from a distance.
  • You may quickly create the application online and order devices from far-off places.

Download iKam For Windows OS

You can click the download icon to play this application on Windows OS from this page. Here, it is presented in a condensed structure. Download iKam For Windows PC Free. The document has to be decompressed most essential. Press the button to obtain it. Here, you’ll find installation instructions with visual aids. We methodically take care of every step for users, from downloading to installation, installation to sign-in, login to monitoring.

Download iKam For Mac OS

The company in this instance does not provide a Macintosh PC application. Therefore, if you want to see iKam on a Mac, you must use this tactic. Windows must be installed on Mac OS.
Cross-platform program like Bluestacks can help you accomplish that. With the aid of an Android emulator, you may also run Android OS on Mac OS.

Download iKam For Android OS

You must click the download button provided below in order to install this app on your smartphone. The Google Play Store offers this application. The gadget must be added once the application has been downloaded and installed. You must scan the QR Code to do it. After scanning it, adhere to the advice it offers. The gadget and any associated monitoring cameras can be added.

Install Login and Add the Device

We’ll tell you how to install this program for Windows OS right here. This procedure is explained in detail and illustrated with pictures. There are three simple steps involved. The program installation is provided as the first step. The application login was provided in the second phase, and the addition of devices and monitoring cameras was provided in the third.
The first step is where we start.

How to Install the App?

  1. You must double-click the setup file in order to install this CMS on your Windows computer. This page is opened by a wizard.
  2. The user is welcomed on this page. The application welcomes you and warns you not to use any other cameras while it is installing.
  3. Where you will install the file is indicated on this page. You are being prompted to enter the path and folder location. Press the next button after choosing the folder and location.
  4. You can install the program according to the information on the following page. A recap is sent to you. Make any necessary adjustments to them, if any. Press the next button if everything is satisfactory.
  5. The program installation has started. It takes some time for the folder to empty of its contents. You get notified when it is finished.
  6. Hit the “Finish” key. The software install in this manner. We shall now proceed to the next phase in the procedure.

How to Log into App?

  1. By double clicking the icon to launch the installed app, we may log in to the program. The subsequent page loads.
  2. We must log in just here, on this particular page. The organisation has set the username as admin by default, and the password column is blank. No password is provided.
  3. This is the software’s home page. We log into this application in this manner.

Adding the Device and Monitoring

  1. You must access the login page and choose the Device Management option in order to add the device. Toggle it. You’ll be prompted to “+Add Manually Device.” Also click that selection. This page loads up.
  2. You are being prompted for some basic application-related information. Complete the fields for the device’s name, IP address, port, username, and password. Give this information. Then click the Add button.
  3. You will be able to view cameras that are linked to that device after it is added.


The item wizard link is provided here. Additionally, we have conveyed it to the client user. We have also gone into great detail about this application’s features. The entire Windows installation procedure is available here. You can use it to get an idea of how to accomplish it yourself.
Please let us know if you experience any problems loading and installing the CMS. Please contact us if you have any questions about another wizard.

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