SPY Extra For Windows PC Free Download 2022

SPY Extra For Windows PC

SPY Extra For Windows PC Free Download. An application called SPY Extra For Windows connects numerous CCTV equipment. It enables us to keep an eye on numerous places from a distance. We’ll talk about this app here in this article. Free SPY Extra For Windows PC Download. It’s simple to install this CMS Wizard application on a PC. We will provide you with all the information. We’ll explain how to download it to you.


SPY Extra For Windows PC Free Download

That is provided here for Windows OS. You will also receive the Android OS link. Company hasn’t provided CMS for Mac OS. However, we’ve explained how to do it here if you want to view it on an Apple PC. We have also included a step-by-step breakdown of the entire installation process here. Images are used to support the process as well. All of these are available here. SPY Extra For Windows 8/10/11 and Mac OS

SPY Extra For Windows

What is a CCTV CMS?

An program that connects with numerous devices is a CMS wizard. They can be linked using either the device number or their specific IP addresses. An app for a CCTV system may record, modify, and index. Additionally, it has the ability to take pictures, keep information secure, and let users watch recordings.
This makes this app highly practical. It makes security surveillance easier. Assume you have ten factories, each of which is monitored by ten cameras.

It implies that a total of 100 cams have been mounted. It’s different that you wish to watch these cameras from your office. This software program is the only one that makes it feasible. These 10 devices can be connected, and it can display them on your screen.

What is SPY Extra?

A Turkish company created and produced this application. Han Electronics is the name of the business. It is a prestigious CCTV surveillance company in Turkey. The business utilizes modern cameras and recorders
Other electronic security products, including doorbells, access controls, biometrics, etc., are also produced by this company.

They produce highly regarded software. It provides excellent coverage and oversight. More than 20 devices can be connected at once with ease using the app. The gadgets can be controlled remotely thanks to the software.

SPY Extra Features

The features of this application stand out. They can work in our favour. Knowing them is necessary for that. We can employ them more effectively if we understand them. Let’s examine each of these qualities in turn.

  • For Windows 10, SPY Extra The application displays real-time video.
  • There is no lag in time. There is simultaneous action and video relay.
  • The CMS is sensor-compatible. It can detect many activities.
  • It recognizes audio and motion.
  • You can set sensitive zones in advance. It notifies you if an intruder or suspect crosses the line.
  • You get notifications and alarms.
  • It is compatible with two-way audio. You can send the person on the opposite side any message.
  • It can take pictures and videos and record activity.
  • The recording can also be stored on a cloud server.
  • This application has good resolution quality. It reflects lovely pictures.
  • Through this program, a PTZ camera may be controlled.
  • The tool has zoom, tilt, and pan capabilities.
  • It is secured by a password and a pattern. No information may be lost or stolen. Every time there is a suspicious activity, the alert sounds.
  • It has cutting-edge network engineering. Data is automatically corrected, and low network areas.

Download SPY Extra For Windows OS

Use this link to download and install the app. Below is a link to the download. Click the link to download the program. SPY Extra For Windows PC The downloading procedure is described in detail here. Three measures were taken to cover it.

The installation phase comes first. You will see the program logging in during the second step. You will learn how to add the device and watch the cameras in the third stage. These instructions are replete with pictures and diagrams.

Download SPY Extra For Mac OS

The firm has not provided the Apple PC link. It cannot therefore be viewed on it. However, cross-platform software must be used if you still want to view the cameras on it. Alternative options include Android emulator apps. You can download Android OS onto a Macintosh computer with their assistance. You can use this method to keep an eye on the computer’s cameras.

Download Spy Extra Application on Android OS 

You must download this app to your smartphone if you want to monitor cams while on the go. It can be found in the link button below. This software is also available from the Google Play store. Put it on your phone to use. After that, you must add the device. You must do this by scanning the device’s QR Code. Observe the guidance provided by the application. You can then add the gadget and keep an eye on it on your mobile device in this manner.

Download For Android

Install, Login and Monitor

You must click the link button in order to install the program. It is presented compressed. Before installing, the file must be decompressed. Three steps make up the installation and monitoring process. Every stage will be discussed here.

How to Install the App?

  1. We will click the file in order to install the software. It is set to open compressed files. To install, unzip it. The next page will load.
  2. The users of this application are warmly welcomed. If you need to install the app, it says to tap the next button. It will load this page.
  3. In this box, you must choose the features. Choose it based on your needs. You must check those boxes to qualify for that. then click the following button. This window will now show up.
  4. This page implies that the software installation is now available. Go back to the installation settings if you need to alter anything. When everything is in order, click the install button.
  5. The material is downloading. In just a few seconds, it is empty. After that, a message will be delivered to you.
  6. The application is requesting a desktop icon. If that’s what you want, check the box and click the next button. Uncheck the box if you don’t want a desktop icon.
  7. The page indicates that the installation has been completed. We load the software in this manner. It is now loaded. The first stage is finished. The following step will be taken.

How to Log in the CMS?

  1. We must double click the installed app folder in order to log into the app. This website opens up when we click it.
  2. It requests that we set up a username and password. Produce them. Strong passwords are generally preferable. It combines alphabetic, numerical, uppercase, and lowercase lettering. Make up a username and a password that you like.
  3. Select a username and password, and then click the login button. The button causes this window to open up.
  4. It is the Wizard’s home page. We have successfully logged into the app when this screen opens. In this manner, we’ll log in. The third and last stage of adding the gadget is what we’ll do next.

Adding the Device and Monitoring 

  1. You must access the app’s homepage in order to add the camera. Ten choose the “+EKLE” choice. The button must be clicked in order for the next page to load.
  2. You must provide the device name, IP address, port number, username, and password in this field. then, push the button.
  3. You will start watching the cameras that are attached to the monitor once the device is added.
  4. In this manner, the monitoring starts. As many devices as you want can be added. The three steps have been finished.


Here, we’ve outlined the entire SPY Extra for Windows procedure. We decompressed the compressed file that was downloaded before loading it onto the computer. We have demonstrated how to install the monitoring software on Apple computers and Android-powered gadgets. We have also taken care to provide you with step-by-step installation instructions. Bring them in. Click the loading button to get the link. Please ask questions if you experience any difficulties loading or installing the file or if you are having any other problems. We’ll respond to your questions and provide answers.

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